"Fish Daytona" TV Show

a Web Series about Fishing

FISHDAYTONA.com is FOR SALE. THE BRAND IS AVAILABLE TO A LOCAL DAYTONA BEACH BUSINESS WHO IS SEEKING TO MARKET FISHING IN THE GREATER DAYTONA BEACH FLORIDA AREA. (Also ALL SOCIAL MEDIA OUTLETS will be included is the gmail email, twitter, facebook and youtube identities). Please contact Show Producer for details.

About The Show

Fish Daytona© is a local internet television program about fishing the greater Daytona Beach area. The show is dedicated to all fishing fanatics who love to fish the east-central coastal salty waters of Florida and want to learn techniques, share information and enjoy the comradeship amongst other anglers. Location shoots include: the Atlantic Ocean, Ponce de Leon Inlet, Intra Coastal Waterway, plus Docks, Piers and Bridges along the Halifax River and area creeks.

The Show is hosted by longtime area Captains who’ve been fishing the waters of Volusia for decades, such as Captain David, Captain Rick and many other local fishing professionals and enthusiasts. If you have talent and want to sponsor the show, read on then contact show producer.

Since premiering in 2008, the web series has gained recognition as a highly qualified informational entertainment TV show only available on high speed internet. That's right - Internet TV!  We understand this allows fans to watch programming anytime, at their leisure & frankly we think its way cooler than regular television. Viewers can watch Fish Daytona streaming 10-20 minutes video segments at FishDaytona.com. The audience will be engaged with helpful fishing tips & useful techniques combined with shared experiences, instruction from on-camera talented anglers, plus learn environmental information all while exploring natural beauty of our local salt waters.

According to Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission, Florida is the “Fishing Capital of the World”, and the Sunshine State brings in over $7.5 billion annually supporting more than 75,000 jobs.  With nearly 3.7 million residents and visitors who fish Florida’s waters every year, fishing is an integral part of the state’s economy.  Fish Daytona understands the great need to appeal to both locals and the tourism industry!  Season 3 shares enthusiastic goals with local fishing related businesses.

  •        Economic benefits for our community
Fish Daytona promotes business relating to the outdoor & water activity lifestyle.
Fish Daytona explores the waters of the surrounding 25 miles of water type activities.
Fish Daytona increases tourism by promoting exciting water sports & gorgeous waterfront destinations.
  •       Supports angler responsibility
Fish Daytona teaches proper rigging, de-hooking device use and recycling awareness.
Fish Daytona discusses preservation, plus harmless ways to interact with the environment.
Fish Daytona educated kids through instruction workshops and promotes nature
Fish Daytona highlights public service announcements during each show.
  •       Encourages families to have fun together

Fish Daytona endorses recreational fishing as a wholesome way for families to enjoy the outdoors.
Fish Daytona supports children education by introducing kids who’ve never fished
Fish Daytona illustrates to locals and tourists, the natural beauty of our waterways and beaches.

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This show is brought to you by New Vision Videos. Fish Daytona has been a Youtube content partner since 2008. WE LOVE EM!